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Last Updated: Feb 02, 2017 02:07PM PST
Telerivet makes it easy to configure your voice-capable virtual number to send incoming calls to voicemail, send email notifications of new voicemail messages, and easily play voicemail recordings from the Telerivet web app.

For example, if you have a business that receives customer support requests, you could use Telerivet's voicemail feature to allow customers to submit support requests via telephone even if you doesn't have dedicated support representatives to answer calls in real-time. Later, a support representative can use the Person-to-person call feature to call the customer back from their mobile phone, while showing the virtual number as the caller ID.

Simple Voicemail Service

Telerivet's "Voicemail" service makes it easy to forward all incoming calls to your virtual number to voicemail.

To set up a Voicemail service, go to the Services page, and add a new service. Under the Voice tab, click Voicemail:

Then, enter the voicemail prompt and email address to notify when a voicemail message is received.

To use a recorded audio message instead of a Text-to-speech voice, click Text to speech then select Record audio... or Upload audio file....

The first time you click "Record audio", your browser will ask you to allow Telerivet to use your microphone. Allow Telerivet to record audio by following the prompt (typically at the top of the screen). If no prompt is displayed, you may need to click an icon on the left or right side of the address bar to allow Telerivet to record audio.

After your voicemail message is recorded, you can play it back, re-record or upload the file. 

Click Done to activate the voicemail service.

When your voicemail service is created, try calling your virtual number to hear what the message sounds like. Note that telephone lines compress audio, so the audio quality will be worse during the phone call than what you hear if you play the file in your web browser. In particular, music will usually sound poor when compressed for the telephone line, so we recommend that your voicemail message only contain speech.

Voicemail Call Records

A record for each voicemail will be shown on the Messages page and in the conversation view for the contact: 

In addition, Telerivet will automatically create a data table with the same name as your service (e.g. "Voicemail") where you can easily view all voicemail messages in one place. You can view this table from the Data Tables tab.


Custom Voicemail Services

To customize how the voicemail service works, you can edit your existing Voicemail service and click Customize Actions. (Alternatively, you can add a new Custom Call Flow service, then click the "Voicemail" example.)

Software developers can also create voicemail services with more advanced logic using the Cloud Script API, for example if you want to allow the contact to play back, re-record, and delete their message. To try it out, add a Cloud Script API service (under the Voice tab) then click the "Voicemail" example.

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