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Person-to-Person Calls

Last Updated: Feb 09, 2017 01:21PM PST
Telerivet's person-to-person call feature makes it easy for you and your team members to use your own devices to make voice calls on behalf of your organization, without exposing anyone's personal phone numbers to your contacts.

For example, the person-to-person call feature can be used by sales or support teams to call customers or leads from their personal mobile phone, without exposing their personal phone number. Similarly, it could be used by political groups to distribute calls among many team members, without exposing the team members' personal phone numbers.

To send a person-to-person call, click the Call dropdown at the top-right of the Messages page, then click Person-to-person call:
If the Call dropdown is not visible, enable the "Voice Calls" module on the Project Settings page (Dashboard > Edit Settings).

In the dialog box, enter your own phone number as the "Caller". (Telerivet will remember your number after you enter it the first time.) Enter the recipient's phone number under the "To" box. 

The Phone Line dropdown shows the virtual numbers (and routes) in your project that can send outbound voice calls. This phone number will be used as the caller ID that appears to both the caller and the recipient.

Steps to a Person-to-person Call

  1. When you click "Call", Telerivet will call you at the "Caller" phone number, usually within a couple of seconds.
  2. When you answer, Telerivet will play a text-to-speech message repeating the number it is about to dial. Press any key on your phone's keypad to dial the "To" number into the same call.
  3. After a few seconds, you should hear a ringback tone as the contact is being dialed. (The contact will see the virtual number as the caller ID, not your personal phone number.)
  4. If the contact answers, you can then talk to them as if you called them directly. If the contact doesn't answer and has voicemail or an answering machine, you could still leave a voicemail message as if you called them directly.

Call Records

Each person-to-person call will generate one record on the Messages page. The call record will be attached to the recipient ("To") contact, not the caller. The content of the message will show the name of the user attached to the Telerivet account and the caller's phone number.

Person-to-person calls are not recorded. If you are collecting information during the call, you can store that information as a custom contact field, by clicking "Edit" when viewing the conversation, or by editing the contact directly on the Contacts page.

Billing for Person-to-person calls

When using the Person-to-person call feature, the "caller" is not actually making an outbound call from their personal phone. The caller only receives an inbound call. Depending on the country and telephone network, this may be free to the caller (if the network uses a "calling party pays" billing model), or the caller may be charged the normal rate for inbound call minutes (such as on US mobile networks).

Of course, the recipient also receives an inbound call, and their telephone network would charge them the normal rate for incoming calls (which would be free if their network uses a "calling party pays" billing model).

Depending on the phone line you sent the call from, you will be charged for the call by your virtual number provider (Nexmo, Twilio, or Telerivet itself), according to their rate for outbound calls to the country of the caller and the recipient. The call will contain two outbound legs -- one leg to the caller, and another leg to the recipient -- and each call leg will contribute to the price of the call. (This means the call might be twice as expensive as you might otherwise predict.)

To see the duration, rate, and price for each call leg, and the overall price for the call, click the date/time of the call on the right side of the Messages page.

Note that if your virtual number is provided directly by Telerivet, the price of the call is not included in the price of your monthly Telerivet plan. In this case, you will need to maintain a positive balance on your Telerivet account in order to send or receive calls. In addition, active calls may be terminated after a short grace period if your Telerivet account balance is negative.

Even though person-to-person calls have two legs, each call only counts as one "message" towards the daily limit of your Telerivet service plan.

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