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Sending Airtime to Contacts

Last Updated: May 21, 2018 03:41PM PDT
From the Telerivet web application, users can send send airtime either to an individual contact or to multiple contacts at once.

Sending Airtime to an Individual Contact

There are two main ways to send airtime to an individual contact:

Method 1: On the Airtime page, click "Send Airtime" then type the recipient's phone number, or the name of an existing contact:

Method 2: Open the page for the recipient contact, click the “Airtime transfers” tab, and click “Send Airtime”:

Next, select the desired topup amount and click Send:

If your Telerivet account balance doesn’t have enough funds to cover the airtime price, Telerivet will prompt you to add funds to your account.

If your account hasn’t been approved for airtime topups or the price is over your daily limit, it will show that the transaction is awaiting approval.

Otherwise, Telerivet will perform the airtime transfer and will show if the airtime topup succeeded or if any errors occurred:


Sending Airtime to Multiple Contacts

To send airtime to multiple contacts at once, you’ll need to create a custom “Action” which you can trigger from the Actions menu on the Contacts page.

On the Services page, add a "Custom Actions" service, and select “When manually triggered for a contact”. Then, add a “Send airtime” action with each of the mobile networks you want to support, and the amount you want to send:

Because each mobile network offers different airtime values at different prices, you must specify which airtime value to send for each mobile network you want to support.

Then, the action can be triggered from the Contacts page by selecting the desired contacts, then choosing your custom action from the “Actions” menu:

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