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Introduction to Airtime Transfer

Last Updated: Jul 16, 2015 12:42PM PDT
On many mobile networks around the world, mobile phone users pay for SMS messages, voice calls, and data by purchasing airtime from their mobile network.

On a large fraction of these mobile networks – 450+ mobile networks in 120+ countries – Telerivet provides the ability to easily purchase airtime and transfer it to your contacts and your own phones.

Transferring airtime can be an important benefit to businesses and organizations running mobile messaging services and campaigns. For example:
  • If you use the Telerivet Android app to send messages with a prepaid SIM card, you can easily top up your airtime directly from Telerivet, without needing to buy airtime vouchers from a local vendor.
  • When conducting a poll or survey, you can send airtime to your respondents to encourage participation. You could either send a small amount of airtime automatically to each respondent when they complete your survey, or wait until the survey is completed and randomly select one winner to receive a larger airtime topup.
  • You can easily offer airtime as a promotion or reward for loyal customers.
  • Your business or organization can send airtime to your own employees, making communication expenses easily trackable and avoiding the need for cash payments or reimbursements.

Airtime Pricing

Each of the 450+ mobile networks supported by Telerivet sells different airtime values (also known as "products") to Telerivet at different price markups. For some mobile networks, the airtime topups are priced at or below “face value” on Telerivet, while other mobile networks sell airtime at a markup, which may vary significantly depending on the network and topup value.

The range of topup values also varies depending on the mobile network. Nearly all mobile networks offer topups of $5 or more, which are likely useful when you need to add airtime to your own Android phone. Many mobile networks offer small topup values between $0.10 and $1, which is likely a good range to send as an incentive for responding to an SMS survey.

However, for some mobile networks the minimum topup value is much larger, e.g. between $5 and $10. If you want to send airtime incentives but the minimum topup value is too large, one possibility is to enter participants in a drawing or raffle for a larger airtime value, instead of sending smaller airtime values to everyone.

In order to pay for airtime, simply add additional funds to your prepaid Telerivet account balance. Each time you send airtime, the price of the airtime will be deducted from your Telerivet account balance. If you pay for Telerivet with a credit or debit card, you can optionally enable auto-refill.

See complete availability and pricing for airtime topups »

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