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Introduction to Services

Last Updated: May 21, 2018 03:33PM PDT
Automated Services – "Services" for short – enable you to automate your organization's mobile messaging, such as by automatically processing incoming messages and sending replies.

Telerivet makes it easy for non-developers and developers alike to create custom mobile messaging services, and to combine manual and automated messaging within a single system.

Types of Automated Services

Telerivet includes commonly used quick-start templates which can be deployed in just a few clicks:
  • Subscription - A "text-to-join" service that lets people text one keyword to add themselves to a group, and another keyword to remove themselves from a group
  • Auto-Reply - A service that automatically sends an SMS reply when a message is received with a particular keyword, or when any message is received that doesn't match another keyword
  • Poll - A service that lets you ask one or more questions and collect responses via SMS.
In addition, Telerivet provides three different methods of creating custom services:
  • Custom Actions - Build a custom automated service as a visual flowchart of basic actions.
  • Cloud Script API - Create a custom service in JavaScript to automatically handle incoming messages, without needing to run your own servers
  • Webhook API - Notifies your server via the Webhook API when an incoming message is received.

Managing Services

Once you create an automated service, the Service page provides several tools to manage your service:

  • Click Edit to change the configuration for a service
  • Use the On/Off switch to activate or deactivate a service
  • Click Inactive Services or All Services to see inactive services (such as completed SMS polls)
  • Click More > Copy service to duplicate a service (for example, to create a backup or to reuse a service in another Telerivet project)
  • Click Test Services to simulate receiving an incoming message (Learn more)
  • Click More > View logs to debug issues with a service (Learn more)
  • Click More > Delete to permanently delete a service

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