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Introduction to Accounts & Projects

Last Updated: Feb 03, 2016 10:30AM PST
Telerivet provides advanced tools for organizations to manage multiple mobile messaging systems and projects, and to provide fine-grained user access control.

Telerivet is organized around three main entities:
  • Projects: A project in Telerivet represents a distinct mobile messaging system. Each project has its own messages and contacts.
  • Organizations: An organization can have multiple projects. Each organization has a single service plan and billing account that includes all projects within the organization.
  • User Accounts: A user account is what an individual person uses to log in to Depending on the permissions for the user account, the user may be able to access multiple projects and organizations.
When you sign up for a new Telerivet account, one project is created within one organization, and your user account has administrator permissions for that organization.

If necessary, you can add additional projects and organizations under your same user account, as well as create other user accounts for people within your organization or project.

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