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Blocking Contacts

Last Updated: May 10, 2015 07:29PM PDT
Telerivet makes it easy to block sending messages to particular contacts.

For example, you can block sending messages to contacts who text “STOP” to unsubscribe, or block contacts who abuse your SMS system so that you don't waste money sending auto-replies.

To manually block/unblock a contact, first select the contact on the Contacts page, then click Actions > Block contact (or Unblock contact).

On the Contacts page, Telerivet displays blocked contacts with a red line through the middle:

Note that "blocking" contacts in Telerivet prevents you from sending messages to them -- it does not prevent them from sending messages to you. For example, if a contact sent the message "STOP" and you blocked them, they could later send another message like "START", and you would still be able to see the "START" message so that you could know to unblock them.

When you send a message to a group containing any blocked contacts, Telerivet will automatically skip the blocked contacts. When you block a contact, it is not necessary to remove them from every group.

Blocking contacts automatically

It's possible to block contacts automatically from the Rules Engine, REST API, or a Subscription service.

Rules Engine: add a Block contact action
REST API: set the contact's send_blocked field to true
Subscription service: under the keywords to unsubscribe, check "Block sending messages to this contact"

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