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Searching Contacts

Last Updated: May 10, 2015 06:28PM PDT
Telerivet's Contacts page makes it easy to do a quick full-text search over all of your contact information -- including name, phone number, and any custom fields -- as well as to do advanced searches over particular fields.

By default, Telerivet will use your query to search all contact fields as follows:
  • Prefixes of any word in the contact's name (e.g. "jo" will find "John Smith" as well as "Dave Jones")
  • Any 3 or more consecutive digits anywhere in the contact's phone number (e.g. "1234" will find contacts with phone numbers "12345678", "678-1234" and even "(212) 345-6789")
  • Complete words in all custom fields

Advanced Search

Telerivet supports the following advanced search syntax to make it easy to search particular contact fields, exclude contacts matching a certain query term, or query contacts in a certain range.

Searching Particular Fields

To search a particular contact field, prefix your query by the field name and then a colon, like so:

phone_number:1234 francisco)

The field names "name" and "phone_number" are always available. Custom fields are formatted like "vars.variable_name". If your query term contains more than one word, surround it by parentheses.

Excluding a Term

To exclude contacts matching a certain query term, prefix the term by a minus sign, for example:


Alphabetic/Numeric Ranges

To search for contacts within a certain alphabetic or numeric range, prefix the term by a comparison operator <, <=, >, or >=, for example:


For range queries, the query term must be preceded by a field name. If your field is defined as numeric, Telerivet will perform a numeric comparison, otherwise it will be alphabetic.

Combining Multiple Terms

Separate multiple terms in your search query by a space. For example, the following query will find all contacts in San Francisco whose phone number contains 1234, except those whose first or last name starts with "Jo":

name:-jo phone_number:1234 francisco)

For most cases, it may be easier to use "Filters" to select contacts matching certain conditions instead of constructing advanced search queries. However filters only allow "starts with" conditions for text fields, so search queries are necessary for certain types of searches.

Saving Searches

To save the current search query, click "Add Group" then check "Create dynamic group from current filter". This creates a dynamic group containing all the contacts matching the search query, so you can easily view search results and send messages to everyone matching the search.

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