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Combining Actions and Conditions

Last Updated: Sep 03, 2015 07:47PM PDT

Building a complete SMS service typically requires combining multiple conditions and actions in a particular order.

Combining Conditions with Actions

In order for a condition to do anything, it must be combined with at least one other action.

After you add a condition, click Add action... at the end of the diagonal line to choose an action to perform when the condition matches.

The diagonal line extending from the diamond indicates that the actions in this branch will only be performed when the condition is true.


Adding Multiple Conditions

Often, you will need to create multiple conditions, for example in order to set up different keywords that people can text.

When you add multiple conditions in a row, the word "if" will change to a dropdown list, which allows you to change how the condition interacts with any conditions before or after it:

If you select "if", the condition will match even if it also matched a condition above it:

Whereas if you select "else if", the condition won't match if it also matched a condition above it:

To create a "none of the above" condition, select the mode "else":

In the "Add action" dialog, actions in the "Logic Flow" category are useful for changing which actions are executed.

If you add a Stop processing rules action, Telerivet does not process any more actions below it:

You can also use the indented Add action... link to add a condition underneath another condition. In this case, the "inner" condition will only match if the "outer" condition also matches:

Reordering Actions and Conditions

If an action or condition is in the incorrect place in the flow, simply drag the square or diamond shape until it is in the correct position.

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