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Testing Your Poll

Last Updated: Feb 02, 2017 07:50PM PST

After defining the questions and settings for your poll, you can test it by simulating messages or calls to make sure it works as you expect before sending it out to real users.

Testing polls triggered via incoming SMS or calls

If your poll allows people to respond via incoming SMS or calls (i.e. without you needing to send the poll to them first), you can test it using the Test Services button on the Services page:

For SMS polls, type the message you want to simulate, then hit Enter or click the orange send button. For voice polls, click the green call button.

Testing polls sent via outgoing SMS or calls

If your poll service doesn't allow anyone to participate by sending an incoming message or call, the "Test Services" button on the Services page will not actually trigger the poll.

Instead, to simulate the poll, first edit the poll (by clicking Edit). Then, click "Test Service" at the top-right, then click "Simulate Service":

When you simulate a message or call, the simulated phone shows the actions that Telerivet performed in response to the message, including any SMS replies that would have been sent if the message were real.

If your poll has multiple questions, you can simulate responding to each of the questions in sequence.

Note that when simulating incoming messages, Telerivet still observes your poll's settings for multiple responses. When testing your poll, it may be convenient to edit the settings to allow anyone to submit the poll multiple times.

Simulated Responses

When you simulate poll responses, they will show in your results the same as if they were real responses:

To remove the simulated responses from your results, click on the link showing the number of responses, select the simulated rows from the data table, and delete them.

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