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Custom Domain Name

Last Updated: Feb 13, 2017 01:14PM PST

Telerivet's custom domain feature makes it possible for your organization's users to access Telerivet's web application on one of your own subdomains.

For example, if you own the domain name, you could make Telerivet available on the subdomain

When someone goes to in a web browser, they would just see a login page like, except with your logo instead of the Telerivet logo.

When a user logs in, they would see the Telerivet dashboard like usual, but with your logo.

Note that the custom domain name feature is not a complete white-label solution. Your users will still see the name "Telerivet" in various places, for example in emails, this support center, the Telerivet Android app, and in various places within the web app. Also, the custom domain name does not apply to the REST API, which will still use the domain name

The custom domain feature is also not a self-hosting solution, and does not require you to run any servers. When using the custom domain feature, your data will still be stored on Telerivet's servers.

The cost of the custom domain name feature is $60/month in addition to the price of the Pro plan.

Setup Steps

  1. Configure a CNAME record on your DNS host to make your preferred subdomain an alias for It is necessary to use a subdomain (e.g., not the root domain (e.g. not When your CNAME record is working, your subdomain will redirect to the Telerivet home page. It may take a couple of hours for your DNS record to propagate.
  2. Make sure that you are able to receive emails via the administrative or technical contact for your domain name in Whois . This information can be changed via your domain name registrar.
  3. Add enough funds to your Telerivet account to pay for at least one month of service.
  4. Configure your logo on your Organization Settings page.
  5. Email and tell us:
    - the domain name you want to use
    - which email address from Whois to send the SSL certificate request to
  6. Telerivet will purchase an SSL certificate for that subdomain (this is included in the monthly cost of the custom domain feature).  You will need to approve the certificate signing request via email.
  7. Telerivet will configure the SSL certificate and configure your domain name to route to your own login page instead of the Telerivet home page.

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