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Translating Phrases

Last Updated: Sep 17, 2013 06:21PM PDT

When you click on the Edit link for an individual text string, you arrive at a page where you can edit the translation for that word or phrase and view any translations that have already been submitted.

To add a translation, simply type your translation in the box, and click Submit translation.

When you add a translation, it will show your Telerivet username in the Translation History section below, along with the current score of the translation.

Matching Capitalization and Punctuation

When adding translations, it is important to always match the capitalization and punctuation of the original text (whenever possible in the target language).


Original (English) Translation (Kiswahili) Explanation
Save changes Hifadhi mabadiliko First word capitalized, no punctuation
Your changes have been saved. Mabadiliko yako yamehifadhiwa. First word capitalized, ends with period
Edit Settings Hariri Mipangilio All words capitalized, no punctuation
log out ondoka All words lowercase, no punctuation

Translation Scores

The score for each translation is important if people have submitted multiple translations for a word or phrase. The score helps determine whether a translation is eventually accepted for to be used within Telerivet.

Each user can add or subtract one point from the score of any translation (including translations submitted by other users). If you agree with a translation, click + to add one point. If a translation is incorrect, click - to subtract one point.

Telerivet shows the username of the user who submitted each translation. The username is the only identifying information shown to other users of the Translations site (your name and email address remain private). Telerivet will display a random username if you do not want to choose your own.

Deleting Translations

If you made a mistake in translation, click the Delete link to delete the incorrect translation, then add a new translation. You can only delete your own translations.


Some phrases contain placeholders. Placeholders are tokens like {name} or %s that Telerivet will replace with the actual values like John Smith or 42. Each placeholder must appear somewhere in the translated text. If the placeholder is a word, like {name}, that word must not be translated into the target language.

Any required placeholders will be listed below the box for adding a translation:


After you are done translating a word or phrase, click the Next » link to translate the next word or phrase in the module, or click the module name at the top of the page (default in the example above) to return to the list of text strings.

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