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Conducting Multiple Polls

Last Updated: Sep 02, 2015 05:34PM PDT

Each project on Telerivet can have multiple automated services active at the same time, including polls.

When you use the "Send poll via SMS" function, subsequent incoming SMS messages will be interpreted as responses to the most recent poll sent to that contact.

However if a contact needs to respond to multiple polls at the same time, or if the first question isn't sent via SMS (e.g. if you announce the poll on the radio or in a newspaper), then you will need to be careful to design your polls so that responses are assigned to the correct poll. There are a few techniques you can use to do this:

  • Using different response choices for each poll
  • Limiting each poll to a different group of contacts
  • Using different phones for each poll
  • Conduct each poll at different times

Different Response Choices for Each Poll

If you create multiple choice polls with different response choices (and ignore "none of the above" responses), then you can run multiple polls at the same time without ambiguity about which contact is responding to which poll.

For example, one poll could use the response choices "A" and "B", and another poll could use the response choices "C" and "D".

Limiting each poll to a different group of contacts

When adding or editing a poll, under "Allow responses from people you didn't send the poll to?", you can ignore messages for people who you haven't sent that particular poll to.

Then, if you send multiple polls to different respondents, Telerivet will know to process each response according to the poll that was sent to that contact.

Using Different Phones for Each Poll

If you connect multiple phone numbers to Telerivet, you can configure each poll to use a different phone number so that Telerivet can keep responses for each poll separate.

When adding or editing a poll, the Phones section will let you select one or more phones to respond to that poll.

Conducting Polls at Different Times

Once a poll is finished, you can click the ON/OFF switch to turn it off. Then, simply create another poll. The results for your previous poll will still be available when viewing Inactive services.

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