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Distributing Your Poll

Last Updated: Sep 02, 2015 05:28PM PDT

Telerivet makes it easy to distribute your poll in two ways:

  • Sending the poll to a list of respondent phone numbers via SMS
  • Publishing the poll via any method, such as television, radio, or print

Sending Poll via SMS

To send your poll via SMS, just go to your Services page, and click Send poll via SMS, as shown below:

Then, enter the phone numbers you want to send the poll to:

If you have a spreadsheet or other document containing phone numbers, you can copy-and-paste a column of phone numbers into the To field. (Telerivet allows sending up to 500 messages at a time this way.)

If your poll has multiple questions, this will only send the first question. After a respondent answers the first question, Telerivet will automatically send a SMS reply with the next question.

When you send a poll using Send poll via SMS, Telerivet will automatically add these phone numbers to a group with a name such as poll-recipients. (This group name can be customized by clicking Edit settings.) To view the members of this "recipients" group, click View poll recipients.

When anyone responds to your poll, Telerivet makes sure their phone number is in the recipients group, unless your settings allow anyone to submit poll responses.

Alternative Method: Importing Contacts Before Sending Poll

If you want to add phone numbers to the sample group without sending the first question yet, click More, then Import poll recipients. This also allows you to import other information for each contact, such as name or email address:

Then, when you are ready to send the poll, you can click Send poll via SMS on your Services page, and enter the name of your group (e.g. poll-recipients) to send the poll to all phone numbers in the recipients group.

Publishing Poll via Other Method

If you have another way of distributing your poll, such as radio, television, or print, you can use that instead of sending it via SMS. All you need to do is give people your (first) question and tell them to send their response to your phone number via SMS.

If your poll only has a single question, this allows you to conduct your poll without sending any SMS messages yourself (hence reducing the your cost).

When using this method, make sure that you have selected Allow anyone to submit this poll in your poll settings, or import all allowed phone numbers into your poll's recipients group as described above.

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